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mental_workout's Journal

Mental Workout
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This is a community for fans of puzzles, brainteasers, logic games, and other mentally stimulating activities. The community is for the discussion of:

Nifty puzzle and logic books.

Fun puzzle games (whether online, downloadable, or "old fashioned" non-techie games).

Puzzles of any sort (including crosswords, cryptics, rebuses, etc.). Feel free to post any puzzles you've created, point to any that are worth noting, or ask questions about solutions (but see the etiquette section below).

Anything else that seems of interest.



First, please remember to use cut tags, especially if you're posting something that might spoil a puzzle, or if you're posting anything with graphics involved.

Second, everyone has their own personal standards for getting help on puzzles. Some folks think it's wrong to ever ask for a clue on a crossword or cryptic, or for help on a game like Fool's Errand. That's fine. But if someone else posts such a request, please do not jump in and berate the person asking for help, or, even worse, the person who offers a clue or solution. Don't impose your standards on anyone else.

Third, please remember that puzzles may be subject to copyright. Please do no repost the entire Sunday New York Times puzzle, or an entire chapter of a Raymond Smullyan book.


This community is maintained by yendi. Please contact me if you have any questions.