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The Riddle of Brightest Day and Blackest Night

This is a riddle about comic book superheros. So far no one has solved it.

You can still solve it, though, if you do not read comics. You may have to do internet searches on certain names. You do not have to be an expert on the characters.

I can divide most superheros into four related categories.

THE RIDDLE: How are the characters categorized? You can figure it out by studying the lists.

Group 1
The Flash

Group 2
Green Lantern
Martian Manhunter
Star Sapphire
X-Men (Any member.)

Group 3
Captain America
Wonder Woman

Group 4
(The character from DC Comics named Deadman is, interestingly, the only superhero I know of who fits into this 4th category.)


*I'll answer any query that calls for a yes or a no.

*Name a superhero and I'll tell which of the four categories that character belongs in. In some cases, characters will not fit into any of them.

Happy riddling!
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Do the super-hero names given apply to anyone who has held that identity (i.e., does "Star Sapphire" include Carol Ferris and Deborah Darnell?)?

As for another hero to add to the list, how about Aquaman?


April 23 2010, 14:53:58 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  April 23 2010, 15:41:22 UTC

Good questions, thank you!

Aquaman is in Group 3.

Deborah Darnell as Star Sapphire remains in Group 2. (I had to do a search on her!)

Your answer is no, though, not necessarily. A character's group/category can HYPOTHETICALLY change from one secret identity to the next.

Feel free to keep the questions and character-clue requests coming! There's no limit. :-)

EDIT: I changed that to 'hypothetically' because no examples come to mind. If one does, I'll tell you who.
Thanks! That edit makes it a lot easier to contemplate this.


April 23 2010, 17:31:50 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  April 23 2010, 17:33:27 UTC

Someone brought up the Silk Spectres on another post. I'm pretty sure they're uncategorized but I'll have to scrutinize to be sure. One of them might be in a group.

Doctor Manhattan is in Group 3.

Nite Owl, to my surprise, is in Group 4!
Which Nite Owl? Both?
Yes. Both Nite Owls.
Two more hero requests:

Spectre (DC) and Namor.
Both uncategorized.

However, I'll have to scrutinize Hal Jordan as Spectre to determine that incarnation's group.

Spectre, like practically everyone, also got possessed by the Black Lanterns. I've had more to say about the Blackest Night and Brightest Day characters elsewhere.

Here I'll nutshell. The Green Lantern Corps, Indigo Tribe, and Star Sapphires are all in Group 2. When another character joins one of these corps, they pretty much join Group 2.

All other color-coded Lantern Corps (Sinestro, Orange Larfleeze, Red Lanterns, Black Lanterns, and White Lanterns) are in Group 3. Those who joined these corps joined Group 3.

That applies whenever the character is in the corps. I can think of only one debatable exception.
Hero category requests:
Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)
Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)
Pretty sure all Batgirls and Batwomen are Group 3. Those two for sure. If you want to give me another specific, I'll verify.

Oracle is also Group 3. This is coincidence.

One more for free: I believe Tim Drake is presently marauding as Red Robin who still just happens to be in Group 1.