Gemini6Ice (gemini6ice) wrote in mental_workout,


How do you modify a revolving door so that people may enter the revolving chamber as one normally enters a revolving door but so that they are unable to exit the chamber (even by how they entered), although able to revolve in it?

The revolving door may not have more than one state. That is, you cannot install a sensor that closes the entrance when somebody enters. Theoretically, as many people as can fit should be able to enter the revolving door even after the first people have revolved numerous times without exit.

You may not use adhesives or magnets to prevent revolvers from separating themselves from the revolving door.

ETA:In other words, you may not incapacitate the victims or use injury as your means to keep them from escaping. They must be able to keep going around as long as they choose to (and longer if other people are pushing the revolver.)
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